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Sank 5th May 1945 - Raised 23rd August 1993 - Location: Woodside Ferry Terminal, Birkenhead, Merseyside

U-534 Images - Page 3

Visit to Exhibition - Sep 2009

In September 2009 I finally got to visit the new U534 set up in Woodside Ferry Terminal, Birkenhead, and a trip that was well worth it too.
Below are my images of that day, and others, included are lots of artifacts found on the submarine.

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May 30th 2008. A Visit To Woodside Ferry Terminal to find the U-534 in her new home; I wasn't disappointed. She has been cut up into 4 sections, aft, aft of tower, tower, and forward.
Whilst I am sorry to see such a beautiful submarine reduced to sections, it is the only way that people can fully appreciate the cramped conditions these men worked in.
The outer hull is but part of the casing, the inner pressure hull was obviously much smaller and this contained the men.

Birkenhead Woodside Ferry and its proximity to Hamilton Square Underground and Birkenhead Town Hall
The Uboat new home is under construction

During a trip there in July 08, Corrie Rynberk took the following 4 images:

September 2008

February 2009

I do not understand the fencng, I can only presume its 'anti photographic' supposedly to stop people standing outside, without payment, and taking photo's ???

Conning Tower casing was rebuilt

Artifacts on display at Woodside's U Boat Story

Parts of the 534's Enigma Coding machine (below)

Medical Supplies found on board 534, note acupuncture needles to the right

And now, the submarine itself


Large scale image, click on thumb nail for full size 
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