"Of all the branches of men in the Forces, there is none which shows more devotion and faces grimmer perils than the submariner.
Great deeds are done in the air and on the land; nevertheless, nothing surpasses your exploits." Winston Churchill.

To my mind any sailor, German, American or British who goes to sea in these vessels are all heroes. It takes a special kind of sailor. And sailors are not political.

Of World War 2
Created: 16 July 2001 Updated: 24 July 2014

"Only in attack does a submarine reveal herself, before creeping away to the concealment of the deep"

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HMS Storm

One of our bravest sailors in World war 2 was the submariner. Operating mainly in secret, often in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean and accompanying coastlines, sometimes not having enough depth to sneak away after an attack. Dropping agents off and picking others up, rescuing down airmen from the clutches of the Axis. Des Radwell was one such man. He tells me,

" I have quite a few stories of what happened on the TAURUS we were commissioned in Barrow on Furness then I spent about 2 years aboard in which time we carried out war patrols from the Arctic Ocean, then onto the Med, finally serving in the Far East. One event when arriving in the Far East, we were the first British sub to sink a Japanese submarine, but during all our time on patrol you would never see much in the papers or on the news as to what our submarines were doing, in fact people probably were not aware we had submarines in our Navy. Our service (which I was proud to serve in) was disliked by the higher ups in the Navy, as they thought that submarines were damned un-English, and not the right way to fight. We also upset lots of the higher ups when we flew our Jolly Roger, which we would do arriving back after a patrol, and recording our sinkings,gun actions, landings etc."

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